Breastfeeding: Starter Products

Breastfeeding is when a mother feeds her baby breast milk, usually directly from her breast. It can also be called nursing. Making the decision to breastfeed is a personal matter. It's also one that's likely to draw opinions from friends and family.

Numerous experts, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), strongly recommend breastfeeding exclusively (no formula, juice, or water) for 6 months. After the introduction of other foods, it recommends continuing to breastfeed through the baby’s first year of life.

How often you should breastfeed your baby depends on whether your baby prefers small, frequent meals or longer feedings. This will change as your baby grows. Newborns often want to feed every 2-3 hours. By 2 months, feeding every 3-4 hours is common, and by six months, most babies feed every 4-5 hours.

Best Bra for Breastfeeding

As amazing as breastfeeding your baby can be, it can also sometimes cause you discomfort. A good nursing bra is essential for feeling comfy and supported, and a nursing bra is a must-have if you're planning to wear a bra while breastfeeding since most non-nursing styles make it difficult to move the bra out of the way for your baby to latch on properly.

Momcozy Adjustable Breast-Pumps Holding and Nursing Bra


Momcozy Nursing and Pumping Bra can be used for breastfeeding, pumping or both together. A perfect choice for working moms. You can wear it all day long and allows you to go about your normal routine. This bra works with most of the breast pumps on the market. It is made from 93% Cotton and 7% Spandex. The adjustable shoulder straps provide more adjustment, also you can cross the back straps. 

Essentials for saving your milk

Sometimes nursing your baby is not always possible because it might be the middle of the night or you are at work, but you want your baby to have breast milk available to drink. No worries, with these suggestions we are sure that you will be able to safely store milk for your little one.

Philips AVENT Double Electric Breast Pump

Philips AVENT Pump

The Natural Motion technology powerfully combines suction and nipple stimulation for quick milk flow. Soft silicone flange shield adapts to fit both size and shape of the breast. Includes a pumping belt to hold the pump, rechargeable battery, and travel bag so you can now pump wherever life takes you. Personalize by choosing from 8 stimulation and 16 expression levels.

Lansinoh SignaturePro Double Electric Breast Pump

Breast Pump

ComfortFit Flanges have a soft, flexible rim that's soft on mom's skin while maintaining a good seal for optimal suction. This breast pump electric LCD display, easy to use buttons, portable design, and 3 power options make pumping more convenient and customizable. This Lansinoh breast pump has 8 easy to adjust suction levels for an efficient pumping session.

Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breastfeeding Bag

Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags protect and safely store your precious breast milk. With reinforced side seams and dual layer bag, they are strong and durable, and the double zipper ensures no leaks. They are pre-sterilized for immediate use and the self-standing bag is easy to use with a wide neck for easy filling and pouring. You can use them for storage in the in the fridge or freezer. Includes 50 bags.

Medela Breastfeeding Gift Set

Gift Set

Medela's breastfeeding gift set includes a selection of products designed for collecting, storing, and feeding your breast milk to your little one. Two convenient bottle sizes are included, as well as additional accessories, for a full breast milk storage system ideal for all moms, regardless of how much milk you may be pumping and storing. The products included are compatible with all Medela breast pumps, except for Single Deluxe. 

Other Essentials for Breastfeeding

Nursing sometimes can be difficult, so at BMR Choice, we have selected some things we believe can be essential to make for the best experience.

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding Pillow

Support for you and baby with plush, hypoallergenic fiberfill. The Pillow ergonomically supports you while nursing or bottle feeding. Versatile to grow and support babies during supervised awake time through first year milestones. Feeding (0+ months), propping (3+ months), tummy time (6+ months) and sitting (9+ months). This Pillow is created to customize. Personalize with your choice of Boppy Pillow Covers sold separately. Boppy Slipcovers are available in many options to fit your needs and guarantee a perfect fit. 

Baby Nursing Cover & Nursing Poncho

Baby Cover

The multi-functional nursing cover can be used not only for nursing and providing privacy, but also as a nursing blanket for the baby and a cover for the pram. This breastfeeding cover comes with a storage bag,you can easily fold the cover and place it in the bag. You carry it easily and can breastfeed your baby anywhere, anytime.

Medela Safe & Dry Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads

Nursing Pads

Medela's Safe & Dry Disposable Nursing Pads are specifically designed for mothers who experience low to moderate breast milk leakage. Designed with soft, non-woven material and a honeycomb design for maximized comfort, these pads have been tested and are both hypoallergenic and extra-gentle sensitive skin. Medela nursing pads are ultra-thin and measure less than 2mm thick helps keep your skin, clothing, and sheets protected and dry.

Frida Mom Sore Nipple Set


Easy as 1, 2. That’s it. Breastfeeding can take its toll on your nipples. So save your sore, fed up nips with a 2-step set made to soothe + hydrate. It’s the ultimate nipple play. Step 1: Soothe with Cracked Nipple Saline Spray . Sterile saltwater in a convenient spritz Step 2: Hydrate with No-Mess Nipple Balm. Lanolin-free oil that’s easy to apply for mess-free relief.

The BMR Choice Team wishes that these suggested products can help you as a mother have an excellent experience while breastfeeding your Baby.

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