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VTech Baby Monitor Reviews

People who browse the Internet find that VTech is a mainstay in the baby units and monitor market. Smart audio only monitors have been offered by the company for some time. Recently, video monitors have been added to the mix.

17 VTech baby monitors are listed when you type in VTech Baby Monitors in the Amazon website. This article is going to share information from reviews both on Amazon and elsewhere of baby monitors that appear on the first page of an Internet search. Those are the baby monitors getting the most attention from consumers. The ranking is a review of sorts.

VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

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After 7578 reviews this monitor received a four-star review from one review source. The rating combines quality and quantity of the brand reputation, price, and reviews.

A proprietary algorithm identifies a score for the product. The score for the VTech DM221 Baby Monitor was 94 out of 100.

Those who rated the monitor with five stars felt it had more features than models that were more expensive.

Positive customer reviews included stable structure, large screen, and belt clip that allow parents to go outdoors and two-way communication making it ideal for the baby room. The features that received criticism were the battery life and delay in the alert notification. 

A consumer advocate would like the DECT 6.0 technology that ensures a connection is protected against eavesdropping and interference. The technology allows the baby to be heard from any room in the home. The system has a range of 1000 feet which is considered excellent. It also has a parent unit finder that quickly locates a misplaced unit. 

2. VTech VM343 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor

Camera baby monitor

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From 179 reviews on Amazon, the VTech VM343 Baby Monitor received a 3½ -star rating.

The options consumers liked included the temperature alerts that can be set at a wide range, pan/tilt features with good range, night vision that works automatically, and the price.

There were mixed reviews about the sound and video quality. Things consumers complained about were the short amount of time between an alert sounding and when it goes off and problems with the charge and power.

Features that analysts like include a 4.3 color LCD screen and the 2.4 GHz system that transmits video and audio signals up to 1000 feet. The battery life is advertised to be 21 hours. However, a positive review was pleased with a battery life of only five to seven hours.

3. VTech VM333 Baby Monitor

VTech VM333 Baby Monitor

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The 10TopTenReviews website rated the VTech VM333 with an 8.58 out of ten rating when it was on the top ten list.

It no longer holds that position, likely due to a newer version that is available. The VOX and two-way talk capabilities make it worth considering, according to the website.

A manufacturer claim of six hours of battery life is below what critics consider ideal for baby monitors.

The VOX technology of the monitor converts incoming sound or voice signals into electrical signals that cause a device to operate as long as the signal coming in is maintained. The result is a longer lasting battery. The feature given the most praise was the built-in lullabies. The lullabies and the two-way talk are useful for soothing a baby.

This monitor provides all the functionality one would expect from a baby monitor. Reviewers see not being able to record snapshots or video to an SD card as a downside of the monitor. The review says the 2.8-inch screen is adequate. Most consumer analysts give high marks to larger screens. They would agree that the 1000-foot range of the monitor is an asset.

4. VTech Safe & Sound Owl Digital Video Baby Monitor

VTech Safe & Sound Owl Digital Video Baby Monitor

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The c|net review of the VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor gave it a 6.7 out of ten rating.

The usability was deemed its greatest asset. The monitor’s basic performance is good.

It has a reliable streaming connection and responsive pan/tilt control. The cute owl design is a plus.

The monitor’s low camera resolution and a short list of features were listed as negative factors. The mid-range priced monitor offers night vision and two-way audio. It has no app connection, which means there is no remote viewing or push notification for a phone. Assets not mentioned in the c|net review include a 4.3-inch screen, digital transmission that exceeds 1000 feet, temperature sensor, nine-level sound indicator and a belt clip.

5. VTech VM981 Safe & Sound Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM981 Safe & Sound Expandable HD Video Baby MonitorVTech VM981 Safe & Sound Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor

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One review for this VM981 Monitor was posted on the TechHive website. The monitor received a 3.5 out of five rating and said the monitor was not ready for the nursery.

A fixed position camera is adjusted manually. The lightweight plastic was not thought to be very durable.

The rating may be a little harsh. The monitor has a five-inch HD touchscreen monitor. The lightweight device is about the size of a smartphone that makes it easy to tote from room to room.

The TechHive information says it can be used indoors only, but the Amazon advertisement states it is suitable for outdoor use. The monitor has on-demand capabilities to record video, take snapshots, and watch streaming video of the baby. The media can be stored on the 4 GB internal memory. A microSD card slot allows expanded storage capacity.

6. VTech VM991 Safe & Sound Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM991 Safe & Sound Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor

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The PC website posted a review of the VTech 991 Baby Monitor that listed the easy installation as an attractive feature. It also praised the sharp image quality and the mechanical tilt and pan feature.

The monitor is a hybrid of sorts. It has a five-inch touchscreen monitor that offers a free mobile app that allows using your phone to keep an eye on the baby anywhere.

The cons listed were the price, choppy audio, and spotty WiFi connectivity. The review did not mention the night vision feature. Amazon customers rated the monitor with a 3.5 star out of five rating. Having only WiFi connectivity is a bit of a security issue.

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