The First Years Baby Monitor Review

The First Years Baby Monitor Review

Shopping for baby monitors is difficult, to say the least. There are thousands of choices and millions of reviews and sometimes it can be hard to get a straight answer and figure out what exactly you are looking for.

The main purpose of a baby monitor, such as a video baby monitor, a wireless baby monitor with a rechargeable battery, is to alert you if your baby suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night in the baby room. As a result, the audio feature is most important and you want something that is reliable and dependable.

If you are looking for a simple baby unit such as an audio baby monitor, the Crisp and Clear Audio Monitor from The First Years might be the choice for you. As a 60-year-old brand committed to creative solutions, the First Years baby monitor is a great no frills option that gets the job done.


The Clear and Crisp monitor has a variable price range depending on where you buy it from and how many parent units you buy. 


The First Years Crisp and Clear Audio Monitor

The First Years baby monitor is a lightweight alternative to many other baby monitors. Its portable design makes it useful for almost any family and it can be placed almost anywhere in a room with a convenient wall mount.

The monitor also offers a number of other features, including:

  • Two-way communication
  • Sound level lights as a visual indicator of your baby’s cries
  • Low battery and out-of-range alerts
  • Belt clip
  • Battery powered (three AAA batteries)
  • 4-hour battery life
  • One or two parent monitor units

Some modern audio baby monitors have all sorts of features that are nice, but not totally necessary. The First Years keeps it basic with the Crisp and Clear model, opting to focus on a higher quality product instead of unnecessary embellishments.

With this product, you will get better sleep knowing that your baby is comfortable and happy at night or during naps. The range seems to be quite long based on reviews, and generally, people are happy with the product because it does exactly what it needs to do. It also has a fun design that is fitting for a baby monitor, though some other monitors look more sleek and modern than this piece.

One area of major concern is the advertised 4-hour battery life. This number seems abnormally low, and based off of reviews it seems that there is not a problem among users with a low battery life. One reviewer wrote that the low-battery light actually comes on much earlier than it needs to, so waiting for the device to actually die is advised.

What Reviewers Say

Crisp and Clear audio monitor

Out of 99 reviews on Amazon, the Crisp and Clear audio monitor does fairly well, averaging at 3.8 stars out of 5. Though this number of reviews is low compared to other products on Amazon, it can give us a good picture of how people feel about the monitor.

Generally, people are happy with the results that they have seen from this device. 47% of reviewers rated it at 5-stars, showing that this product has a huge block of support. Most customers were satisfied with the product for the price point and felt that it served its purpose well.

Many commented that the range was excellent and the reception was clear, and the pieces themselves long lasting. One reviewer has had the set for almost two years and has had no problems! Negative reviews largely had to do with battery life and static noises. Several people noticed annoying buzzing noises that made the device frustrating to work with and irritating to sleep next to.

While the noise didn’t drown out the baby, it aggravated parents so much that they had to return the monitors. This static is apparently caused by interference, but many reviewers claimed that they weren’t near anything that would interfere with the monitors.

Buying Guide


If you are still interested in the Crisp and Clear audio baby monitor, there are a few things you should know. We highly recommend buying two parent units instead of just one. This helps ensure that you always have a live parent receiver in case the batteries die and you happen to not have any extras in the house.

Additionally, we recommend that you keep this monitor away from anything that could possibly cause interference to avoid the static noise that many people reported. This includes most common consumer electronics such as microwaves and computers, so if you are working in the kitchen or at your desk try keeping the monitor on a table a few feet away. Because of this monitor’s loud sound, you definitely will not miss any cries from your baby!


Overall, The First Years audio baby monitor seems to be a great product for this price point and still offers peace of mind. With a clear and simple goal in mind, this monitor does a perfectly good job of letting you know that your baby is awake or asleep. While you won’t get all the bells and whistles of more expensive and extravagant monitors, you’ll get a solid product that should last you a long time.

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