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Summer Infant in view digital color video baby monitor

Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

Modern baby monitors come with lots of bells and whistles. It is fortunate for parents that they have something like Summer Infant in view digital video baby monitor – a baby monitor that has been designed to serve its purpose without any gimmicks.

The product has been designed with the needs of the modern parents in mind. Using digital technology, this baby monitor ensures that whatever information travels to and from your monitoring units stays as safe as a secret in your heart.

Notable Features

Read some notable features of Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor:

  • A big 5-inch screen for uncompromised monitoring
  • Night vision technology to view your baby when it’s dark
  • ​One-touch controls for video on and off
  • ​Warnings and indicators when battery is running out
  • ​Swivel camera setup
  • ​Multiple cameras supported
  • ​Brightness controls for saving battery
Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

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The big screen display makes sure you don’t have to do any guess work to see if your baby is really sleeping or wide awake. Swivel camera setup is an intelligent choice because it makes positioning the camera much easier.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Product: Video baby monitor
  • Manufacturer: Summer Infant
  • ​Display Type: LCD
  • ​Display Size: 5 inches
  • ​Monitor Range: 600ft
  • ​LED Lights to Monitor Sound Intensity: Yes
  • ​Indicators: For low battery and monitor going out of range
  • ​Camera Setup: Standalone, wall mountable
  • Camera Technology: Digital
  • ​Camera Features: Digital Zoom
  • ​Cameras Supported: Up to 4 maximum
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • ​Adjustable Volume: Yes
  • ​Adjustable Brightness: Yes
  • ​Battery Type: Li-Ion (Rechargeable)
  • Battery Timing: 6 hours

Using Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor

Using Summer Infant video baby monitor is as easy as using any other monitor, or maybe easier than others. The reason why it’s easier to use this monitor is because it focuses more on monitoring and less on putting in gimmicky features.

The thing you will love about the monitor is its 5-inch display. It’s the 2.4 GHz interruption free signals that give you a crystal clear result on the display. This allows for more informed monitoring as you are not confused whether your baby is sleeping or not. Bad quality video would not let you distinguish between closed and open eyes.

Battery life of 6 hours might not be the best on the market but since it uses the Li-ion batteries, you can always set your mind free of any worries in this area. As soon as the battery starts going down or you start moving out of the internet range, you are alarmed with a notification.

Main Reasons for Buying Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor

First, you will buy this amazing baby monitor for its price. For the features it offers, the price of the equipment is very affordable. However, there is no compromise on the most important features just because the price of this baby monitor is affordable.

Mother with summer infant in view monitor

The display is huge at 5 inches and there is night vision technology on the cameras.

This means you will be able to see a crystal clear image of your baby even when it is completely dark in the room.

Digital zoom ensures you are able to get a closer look at your baby if you feel the need to.

This system will work perfectly within a 600ft range. This gives parents the liberty to move about in the house doing home chores or maybe even give time to the guests without having to carry the baby in their arms. The camera can put on the table or mounted on the wall using clips that come within the package.

The sound-activated LED lights are there, and you can always set the brightness to save the battery,even though it is already going to give you 6 hours easily. Auto-scanning is available with multiple cameras. You can have a total of 4 cameras working with the same parent monitor.

What Others Say

As expected, most customers love the big display and the clarity of it. One of the customers preferred the clarity of not only the picture but also the sound over other monitors she had used in the past. According to the customer, the sound clarity is so good that she can hear the ceiling fan in her baby’s room.

Another customer loves the fact that this monitor has been designed to serve the purpose, not dazzle people with features. Customer suggests buying this monitor for any parents whose first priority is to monitor their kids. This customer loved Summer Infant baby monitor for being free of bells and whistles and keeping the price realistic and affordable.

Buying Advice

This product has received a very good rating from hundreds of customers online. Any product that gets rated above 3.5 is a great product and can be easily recommended to people.

The price of this baby monitor is just around $80, which makes it one of the most affordable baby monitors on the market.

As stated by one of the happy customers of the product, you should buy this baby monitor if you want clarity of picture and sound, and a big range for to monitor the baby.

You should also consider it if you want to expand to multiple camera setup – this one supports up to 4 maximum.

Summer infant In View camera

Our Recommendation

Nothing is more honest and trustable about a product than the reviews given by customers. According to the comments, feedbacks and ratings given by the customers, this is a highly recommended baby monitor for any parents.

While it focuses on the most needed features, the night vision, sound activated LEDs etc. are all there to compete with the best monitors on the market.

This monitor offers 100% digital privacy for any parents who are concerned about the privacy of their stuff – which is of course a wise thing to do. The price for the features offered by Summer Infant is undoubtedly affordable. So, if you are on a budget but want a high-quality baby monitoring device with expandability options, this one might just be the perfect thing for you.


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