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Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor With Digital Camera Review

Tight schedules and busy modern lifestyles are no excuse to not pay attention to your baby. There is no denying that it is becoming more and more difficult for modern parents to take care of their babies due to busyness and overwhelming number of activities.

Since technology is meant to make lives easier, Hello Baby Wireless video baby monitor is here for the busy parents with kids. Baby monitors are amazing devices that allow parents to look after their babies even when they are not around them.

While every baby monitor is supposed to do the same thing, you will notice huge differences as you move from one to another.

Hello Baby wireless video baby monitor is the one that brings all the useful features of the best baby monitors in one place and goes beyond a video a live footage of your baby. With every other monitor you will have a few good options but a few other useful options will be missing – that’s not the case with this one.

Notable Features

Read some notable features of Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera:

  • Crystal clear video
  • Night vision video
  • ​2.4GHz Wi-Fi compatibility for maximum performance
  • ​A huge range of 960ft in an open area
  • ​Support for up to 4 cameras
  • Plug & play cameras
  • ​VOX – a power saving mode to get 12 hours of continuous baby monitoring
  • ​Temperature sensors with warning features
  • ​Built-in lullabies, up to 8
  • Screen off mode for saving battery
  • Tilting and panning options on cameras
Wireless Hello Baby monitor with digital camera

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Many of these amazing features are absent on a great number of baby monitors on the market. You will be hard pressed to find a baby monitor that packs so many features in one place as Hello Baby wireless baby monitor does.

Detailed Specifications

  • Detailed Specifications
  • Product: Baby monitor
  • Type: Video and audio
  • ​Manufacturer:vType: Video and audio Hello Baby
  • ​Display Type: LCD
  • ​Display Size: 2.4 inches
  • ​Camera: Digital
  • ​Night Vision: Yes
  • Pan & Tilt: Yes
  • ​Zoom: Yes Up to 2X
  • ​Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • ​Range: 960ft (without barriers)
  • ​Cameras Supported: Up to 4
  • ​Camera Installation: Plug & Play
  • ​Battery: 950mAh
  • Battery Time: Up to 8 hours with display on
  • Two-way Talking: Yes
  • ​LEDs: Yes (for indicating the level of baby’s noise)
  • Audio Only Mode: Yes
  • ​Power Saving: Yes (reducing battery consumption by 50%)
  • ​Temperature Sensor: Yes
  • High Temperature Warning: Yes
  • Built-in Lullabies: Yes (total of 8)

Using The Hello Baby Wireless Video Monitor

Using this monitor is no hassle at all. The automatic functions on the monitor ensure that you are not forced to keep on looking at the screen at all times.

The parent monitor unit stays with you whereas the camera rests in your baby’s room close to him/her. You will not experience any dropouts in the quality of display because it uses the 2.4 GHz WI-Fi bandwidth.

Hello baby monitor-day&night

The camera unit that rests with the baby has a microphone on it so you can hear the baby through your monitor as soon as there is any noise.

For people who have hard time hearing, there are LEDs on the face of parent monitor indicating the level of noise a crying baby is making.

With pan, tilt and zoom options you can place the baby monitoring camera at virtually any distance or angle inside your baby’s room.

The built-in polyphonic tunes on the monitor can be used to make the baby go to sleep. If one of the major concerns for you is charging, you might want to keep the monitor on VOX (power saving mode). This increases battery life and ensures your monitor is not always plugged in for recharging.

What Makes Hello Baby Wireless Video Monitor Better?

As mentioned earlier, the best thing about this monitor is that it brings all the features in one place. Talk about two-way talking to sooth your baby when he/she is crying or the LED lights for people with hearing problems, this one has them all.

This monitor does not force any options on you i.e. when you think video is not necessary, you can switch to audio monitoring mode. The best thing is that the video gets activated as soon as noise hits the baby monitoring unit’s sensors.

Temperature sensor is something many users want on their baby monitors but most manufacturers completely ignore this feature. Hello Baby wireless monitor boasts this amazing feature and it even has a notification option when the temperature goes too high for your baby to sleep in comfort.

Night vision feature is there so you can see a clear picture of your baby in black and white even when it’s completely dark in the room.

With plug & play options, you can add up to 4 cameras with the parent unit, so you don’t have to spend money to buy a new monitor every time you want an additional baby unit.

Night vision hello baby monitor

What Others Say

One customer calls the product perfect, and is happy that the range is enough for her to easily monitor her baby even when she is in her backyard. Another commends on the quality of picture not only during the day but when it’s dark too.

Customers love how they can switch video off by simply pressing the power button. Another customer loves the easy setup and the great battery life, but also suggests the viewing angles of the camera to be a bit wider.

Buying Advice

This is definitely a highly recommendable product. People have had great experience with it and this is why it gets a good rating. The price is just around $70. If you compare the features and value offered by the device against its price, you should blink before buying it.

Our Recommendation

Hello Baby takes baby monitors to the next level by putting in every useful feature on it. Battery timing, video quality, two-way communication and expandability are the top most concerns for most parents who buy baby monitors.

Hello Baby has hit all these points of major concern for parents and come up with a complete product – no hits and misses. So, if you think you have finally found the monitor you have been long looking for, pick a unit up and get closer to your baby even when you are away.


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