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Best Baby Monitor For Your iPhone

Baby monitor apps are not a new concept. They have been around for quite some time. The new generation of baby monitors, however, is an ultra-mobile concept. They have app-enabled iOS devices that work wirelessly. You can use your iPhone as a video baby monitor to remotely monitor your baby from elsewhere.

 Smart Baby Monitor

Baby monitors have become so advanced that iDevices allow watching children in a different room or anywhere in the world with LTE (Long-Term Evolution) or 3G. A smartphone can be used a baby monitoring system.

iPhone baby monitors are increasing in popularity. They allow parents to check on a baby from any location with Internet. You can see, listen, and talk to the baby. Researching baby monitors for iPhones generates a long list of features that come with monitors that are app-enabled. They include:

  • Pan, tilt, and zoom functions
  • Audio
  • High-resolution video
  • Night vision
  • Noise, temperature, motion, and humidity alerts
  • Pre-loaded lullabies
  • Two-video monitors
  • iOS apps that support up to 16 monitors
  • Ability to upload recordings to Dropbox accounts
  • Swiveling and pivoting camera controlled by PC software or a free iOS app
  • Two-way communication
  • Ability to take still photos
  • Using WiFi connection makes choosing a baby monitor with high encryption a security measure

To the non-parent, taking care of an infant seems like an easy job. Any parent will attest that children can be innocent little imps. The job is among the most fulfilling in the world but requires all your effort to take care of a baby.

Raising children can be an overwhelming task and the cause of anxiety. A baby needs your love and affection, care, and your presence. The baby monitor is a device that helps parents with these responsibilities.

Being present for your baby is not always easy. Baby monitors with iPhone apps allow you to be present to a child when you are not in the room with them. You can manage a business, clean the house, do office work, or cook food without worrying about what the baby is up to.

Baby Monitor, White

Many mothers are sleep deprived after delivery. With a baby monitor having an iPhone app, you can relax and check on the little one without leaving a comfortable position.

A zoom feature on a live feed ensures you see minute details. You can take a relaxing nap knowing the camera on the iPhone baby monitor is monitoring the child. You can sing a lullaby to your child when the cry alert sounds. Mothers want nothing but the best for their babies.

Women who have iPhone adaptable baby monitors do not have to put their careers on hold to be the perfect mom. Working mothers find the iPhone baby monitors to be the ideal solution. They act as security cameras that keep children safe and secure.

The baby monitors include amazing features for safe monitoring of a baby. Motion detection technology causes an alarm to go off. The device will begin recording and take photos when an abnormality occurs. The pictures and video can be sent to an email address in no time at all.

There are baby monitors that provide live streaming videos to multiple users simultaneously. The camera is compatible with numerous devices and operating systems. The camera kit should have an installation guide, network cable, and power adapter. Some iPhone adaptable baby monitors are adaptable to other accessories such as gas leak and smoke detectors.

Smart Baby

Working parents who travel away from home especially appreciate baby monitors with apps for their iPhones.

A monitor that broadcasts audio and video allows you to play or speak to your child while at home or away with unlimited broadcasting range.

Some apps play a prerecorded calming message, play a peaceful song, or call a predetermined phone number. These apps are fully customizable. The app monitors audio levels. If they reach a certain threshold, the iPhone calls the designated phone number or sends a message to you. An activity log is available on some apps that allow seeing when a baby stirred during the night.

It can be enabled to FaceTime when the baby wakes. The parent is comforted when in another room or out and about. Some monitors come with free apps to download. Many apps have to be purchased. They cost a couple of dollars to about $10.

There is no need to buy a separate video device. The security camera on the monitor streams directly to your phone. Apps should be easy to download and set-up. Additional cameras can be added to the app and viewed simultaneously.

The voice quality of a two-way mechanism is near perfect. Live videos can be recorded on iPhone baby monitor cameras. You can record all the baby’s achievements from rolling over in the crib to crawling on the floor.

Evo Vision Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

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There are so many great features that can be incorporated into a baby monitor for iPhones. It’s hard to recommend one considered to be the best. Research finds the Smart Baby Monitor shown here meets or exceeds many of the expectations of parents purchasing this baby monitor.

The monitor makes seeing your child easy and convenient from your iPhone when you are in the backyard, enjoying an evening out, or at work. Evoz supports Android and iOS devices. The sound detection system can differentiate between a baby crying or a lullaby being sung. The app sends a text when the baby is crying. Within the app is a log that you can view that tells you automatically when your baby wakes.

The data can be shared with a sleep coach or pediatrician. Room and crying data are automatically collected. Supplementing with sleeping, changing, and feeding milestones in the same navigable and shareable repository as the temperature data is possible. The data is in raw and graphical format.

You control viewing by babysitters and grandparents. Evoz makes sure only parents and loved ones can view the baby. The monitor provides clean audio and vision around the clock. It is equipped with night vision and a wide angle camera that allows every sound and view to be clear and sharp.

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