AngelCare Baby Monitor Review

AngelCare is a company that came to fruition in 1997. It offers an award-winning line of baby safety and care internationally throughout Canada, the US, the UK, Europe, and Asia. It has come to lead the child care market in nearly 60 other countries worldwide. Their monitors can be purchased in several large retailers including BabiesRus, Walmart,, Best Buy, and the Hudson’s Bay.


Their Movement and Sound Monitor in Aqua/White is even on Amazon’s “Amazon’s Choice” list. This AngelCare Movement Monitor has an under-the-mattress sensor pad that senses all baby movement while being monitored.

It will sound an alert if no moment is detected after 30 seconds so that the parent knows the baby is asleep. These sensor pads are a unique feature in baby monitors.

Most have sound sensors, but this is one of the few that relies partially on movement as well. It has a full-color, clear digital display with an easy-to-read screen on the parent unit. The display also records the temperature in the room and has ‘sound lights’ with various settings for the child. It is both portable and rechargeable.

The unit also has a little glow light for when the parent walks into the room. Finally, the monitor system has an out-of-range indicator that lets the parent know when they are out of range. The range is 820 feet when in clear and open spaces and about 320 feet indoors (with obstructions like walls and doors).


AngelCare has three different monitor types: Movement (described above), video, and audio. The audio monitors come in 3.5-inch, 4.3-inch and 5-inch touch screens.

The top-rated screen on Amazon is the Angelcare AC510 Baby Video Monitor with 5-inch touchscreen display. The monitor has the ability to be mounted to the wall or can sit on a countertop (with an adjustable magnetic mount).

It has a low profile camera with room temperature display (it turns red when the room is too warm and blue when the room is too cool) and provides reports covering the temperature for the previous two months. All AngelCare monitors come with a secure digital transmission (2.4 GHz).

​It has a two-way talk feature allowing parents to speak directly to their child via a speaker in situations where the parent is tied up or for when the child can be soothed by their parent’s voice alone. The AC510 has a wide angle lens with a 2x digital zoom and pan. It also has clear night vision, a range of 250 meters (clear line of sight) and a visual sound level indicator for when the baby or toddler stirs. All systems have the ability to expand up to four cameras (though they are sold separately) and have the ability to view the screen split views for multiple cameras (and multiple children).


The third monitor system with AngelCare is their audio monitor. They have one audio monitor called the Angelcare AC420. This monitor is rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This monitor has a full-color digital display with an easy-to-read screen on the parent unit.

It displays the nursery room temperature and has sound lights for when the receiving unit senses noise coming from the child. It has temperature display and control, the monitor monitors the temperature in the room to ensure that the child is comfortable.

It has an out-of-range indicator that goes up to 250 meters/830 feet (open area) and 80 meters/262 feet in walled areas. Its portable parent unit is rechargeable allowing the parent to move around the home with ease.

​The receiving unit has a nursery night light with a gentle glow for when the parent walks into the bedroom. It has crystal clear transmission, operating at a 2.4 GHz frequency. The parent unit has sound lights that indicate when it hears the baby and has different levels to indicate whether the sound is light (the baby is moving) or heavy (when the baby is awake and crying).

It has a low battery indicator and 8 different channels which can be selected manually. Finally, this unit has continuous or voice-activated sound monitoring. All of the models listed above are available on Amazon. We have gone through the reviews to get an opinion from parents who used the devices and left honest reviews.

Video Quality – Reviewers were surprised by the video quality of the night vision of the video monitor.


Movement Pad Sensitivity – Reviewers really appreciated the ability to adjust the sensitivity levels on the movement pad; however, they didn’t like that the cord that connects to it is only 3-feet long and thus can look ‘ghetto’ with the cord having to hang off a dresser in order to connect to the pad.

Sound Quality – Reviewers say that the sensitivity of the units is very good. They said that with most monitors there is a static but they didn’t experience it with the AngelCare monitors.

Price – Most reviewers actually felt that the products were underpriced considering the quality.

Monitor Functionality – Reviewers didn’t like the functionality of the menus on the parent unit, saying it was not very user-friendly and hard to navigate through. Another reviewer found it frustrating that the screen took a couple seconds to turn on when prompted, saying the lag was annoying. Reviewers did, however, like the size of the monitor.

Frequency – Reviewers were surprised that even with tablets and smartphones next to the monitor that it didn’t seem to mess up the frequency at all. Many reviewers were also happy with the range of the units and were surprised they could spend time outdoors with the monitor without going out-of-range.

Battery Life – Battery life is recorded to be long off the doc.

Additional Features – Reviewers really liked the little halo light as it made it perfect for late night feedings. Reviewers also really liked the temperature reader for the baby’s room. They also really liked the split screen view as they have two children and the split screen made it easy to watch both simultaneously.

Other – Reviewers really liked the easy set-up of the systems.

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