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2 Camera Baby Monitor Guide

If you have just the one baby why would you need a baby monitor with two cameras? Having a second camera to move as needed around the house is quite convenient. And when there is a new baby in the house, convenience is always a plus.

One baby unit camera with motion detection can be mounted above the crib and it can also be used to pan tilt the entire room. The second camera is used wherever it is needed. With either a power adapter or rechargeable battery, it can be placed over the pack ‘n’ play in the bedroom, in the living room, or downstairs while you work on a project outdoors.

VTech VM342-2 Safe & Sound Expandable Digital Video

The second camera, which can act as a digital video baby monitor, can be taken along on trips away from home, especially if it has rechargeable batteries. Two camera monitors are assets if you have—or plan to have—more than one child. There is no need for monitor screens for each room. The parent can switch back and forth to keep an eye on each child.

The Key Factors to Look for Are:

  • Remote control
  • Long range
  • Noise indicator
  • Two-way communications
  • Temperature display
  • Auto switch and split screen options
  • Night vision
  • Digital signal
  • Low-battery and out-of-range alert
  • Large screen
  • Built-in lullabies

Remote Control

A remote control feature allows you to tilt, zoom, and pan the entire room with one camera mounted above the baby’s crib. The remote control is the most important factor of a video monitor.

VTech VM342-2 Safe & Sound Expandable Digital Video 2

Long Range

The best baby monitors have a range of at least 900 feet. They can be used outdoors or remote areas of the house without connection issues.

Noise Indicator

A noise level indicator lets you know if the baby is crying or fussing while vacuuming or with the sound turned down.

Two-Way Audio

You can communicate with your partner or the baby from another room. Two-way audio should be high on the list of desired features of a baby monitor. Parents who used two-way communication monitors recommend the feature.

It is useful in putting a baby down to sleep or monitoring and responding to toddlers wanting to get up from bed when they should be napping or down for the night.

Temperature Display

Often, babies are dressed in sleepwear to keep them warm because they cannot replace blankets that are no longer covering them. It is best to keep a room a bit cooler when the baby is dressed for warmth. 

Overheating has been found to be a cause of SIDS. The temperature display is key to controlling the nursery environment.

VTech VM342-2 Safe & Sound

Auto Switch and Split Screen

This feature is most useful when there is more than one child in the home. There are two ways to monitor activity. The split screen allows simultaneous observation. The auto switch mode rotates from one camera to the other with a full-screen display.

Night Vision

A monitor with night vision guarantees a clear picture of the child regardless of the lighting. The best vision for the room is automatically chosen. As the sun comes into the room at nap time, the feature will switch back and forth to adjust for optimal viewing.

Digital Signal

A digital monitor is preferred over an analog model. It is a safety feature that prevents others from listening to the child’s room. The feature is a must-have recommendation.

Low-Battery and Out-of-Range Alert

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, this alert is an exceptional asset. You receive a warning if the battery is low, there is a poor connection, or you are out of range. These are important factors in baby monitoring.

Large Screen

Anything over 3.2 inches is considered large. The entire unit does not have to be large, just the screen. Monitors are available that have larger screens but still fit in a back pocket when working outside. 

A kickstand props the monitor on a table when inside. You can see a restless baby from across the room.

Two Other Features

You want a monitor that comes equipped with two cameras. The other consideration is a monitor that offers functions with or without WiFi. Using WiFi has the potential of being hacked. WiFi is not available everywhere and periodically it cuts out. If a monitor has only one option, the non-WiFi option is preferred. All of the features listed here provide quality and convenience. A two-camera baby monitor grows with your family.

Is There a Baby Monitor That Has All of These Functions? Yes, The VTech VM342-2.

The VTech VM342-2 Baby Monitor

VTech VM343-2 Baby Monitor

Click on the image to check the monitor out on Amazon.

This monitor is a video baby monitor that has a 4.3- inch screen and two cameras with a remote control that pans, tilts, and zooms. There are two lenses: The standard lens and a wide-angle lens that allows for panoramic views. 

It has a room temperature display, infrared night vision, and split-screen vision. You can keep up with your youngster on a split screen or a patrol mode that transitions every ten seconds to a different camera.

Two-way communication allows the baby to hear your voice when you are in a different room. The talk-back intercom allows you to soothe your baby without going into the room.

This two-camera baby monitor has DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Communication) technology that eliminates the white noise heard from analog monitors. Digital transmission assures the video is secure and private. Amazon guarantees no signal interference for any product that has DECT technology.

The parent unit has a vibrating sound-alert that helps monitor nine levels of noise, even when in mute mode. You can control the volume. The camera’s automatic detection of low light enables you to see the baby after they are down for the night. The monitor is programmed with four soft ambient sounds and five calming lullabies.

Two additional cameras can be added as your family expands or becomes more mobile. This baby monitor has a range of 1000 feet. When your hands are full or you are working outside, the monitor is attached with a belt clip.

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